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Figs, dried

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Figs love the warm climate and are most commonly found in the Mediterranean, parts of Asia and Africa. The fruit is green in color when unripe and changes color when ripe - green, yellow, brown, purple, and black with a bluish tinge. According to legend, Buddha attained enlightenment under a large and sacred fig tree. 

Dried figs are very sweet, tasty and crunchy. They are suitable for direct consumption, but also for the preparation of cakes, pastries and muesli. Dried figs are a wonderful finishing touch to an arugula salad, flavored with a honey dressing and finished off with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and sliced ​​dried figs.


100% natural product suitable for a vegan diet.

Quality guaranteed

From cultivation, collection, and processing, to careful packaging by hand in our factory, we ensure quality along the entire value chain.


‎Store away from light in a cool and dry place.

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